After Loss

A project about Loss, Remembrance, Activism and Art in Response to ‘structural violence’.

 ‘After Loss’ was a project of artist Peihang Huang in collaboration with Media Community Network (Registered charity ), and will be one of the programmes organised by MCN celebrating Angell Town in 2019. 

Peihang Huang was interested in the idea of loss, which is a universal experience that most people will eventually have to contend within the natural pattern of their lives and although experiencing loss is universal.  The project aims to connect with the people who have lost their loved ones prematurely though no fault of their own, in order to raise the voice against ‘structural violence’.  The mothers in the community are like phoenixes, they suffer the most, but many of them remain positive and hopeful.  It is about telling the story of the survivors, and how they carry on their lives afterward.

The family members who are strong enough to face their grief, and then turn it into positive energy, which in turn can inspire others to make real change.  Peihang aimed to work with eight people whose children, brothers or sisters have died through violence or have been absent due to imprisonment. 

The project used portraiture, collage and creative writing to develop a space for conversation and transformation in the face of grief and loss, developing a powerful sense reliance within the community.   The requirement from the participants was the devotion of time and energy, going through an emotional journey that eventually lead to form a group of trust. 

At the end of this project, we will have a decent art exhibition honouring all the participants and their life stories to inspire,  to reach out to a wider and sophisticated audience. 

About Peihang Huang

She is an independent artist working actively since 2007.  Her practice challenges perceptions of reality by exploring the hidden relations between visual documents of the human experience.  She has participated in a number conferences and interviews, has held workshops, and lectured at both college and university level. She also has experience of working as a reportage photographer for GQ Magazine Taiwan and the WDSA charity in the UK. 

She has extensive experience in showing her work internationally with galleries, museums, art fairs and residencies.  She holds both BA and MFA degrees in Fine Art awarded at National Taiwan Normal University, in addition to another MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts (2015).  Her work has been widely exhibited across both Asia and Europe.

This project was initiated as only aiming for mothers, however, we decided to open it up to direct ‘all’ family members that have suffered from loss.  We are currently recruiting six more people to participate this project.  It has to be the subjects who meets our aim, in order to share the same binding and make the biggest sound. 

If you know anyone that meets this requirement, or if you have seen this web-page, please allow us to contact you.  It would be an amazing journey that we are able to commit to you, and will only be able to take on 8 people in total.  

Our next meet up date will be Tuesday 18th December between 6:30 – 8:30pm, at the RMO. 

Contact details 

Peihang Huang (Pei)

Mobile: 07477462170

MOL poster QA
MOL poster QA